darkroom performances

[composing for dark spaces]
Since 2017, I have featured as a composer and performer in artist Mia Thom’s Darkroom Performances.

  • Mia Thom (violin), Jessica Scott (cello) Lucy Strauss (viola) & Estelle Roux (broken piano)
The series consists of three separate works: Invisible Motifs (2019), Nocturne for a Camera Obscura (2018) & Voices from the Darkroom (2017). Each work is performed in complete darkness, and features sampled photographic dark-room electromagnetic frequencies through a multi-channel speaker system.
[photo: Mia Thom]
We have presented Darkroom Performances at the ORMS Photographic Gallery (Cape Town School of Photography, 2019), Eclectica Contemporary Gallery (2018), and the Michaelis School of Fine Art (University of Cape Town, 2017).