My exploration of instant composition was set in motion at the MusicDance Cape Town Performance Residency (2018, 2019) and the Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam (2018). Since October 2021, I am a musician partner at 8EAST in the downtown eastside of the land colonially known as Vancouver. There, curate and play in one improvised show per month, drawing together improvisers from across the city.

Music And Movement Mondays
[31.08.2020, Vancouver]

[12.09.2021, 8EAST Plaza]

photo by Vincent Lim

[October & November 2021]
posters for curated shows at 8EAST:

[18.09.2021, 8East, Vancouver]
trio with Josh Zubot (violin) Parmela Attariwala (viola)

[21.06.2021, 8East, Vancouver]
trio with Roxanne Nesbitt (bass) Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi (electronics)

[03.04.2021, 8East, Vancouver]
trio with Lan Tung (erhu) Marina Hasselberg (cello)

[14.03.2019, Cape Town]
trio with Louisa Theart (flute) Monique Pelser (drawing) 


[07.04.2019, Cape Town]
with Kristina Johnstone, Manuela Lucia Tessi,  Thalia Laric (dance), Monique Pelser (drawing), Coila-Leah Enderstein (piano), Vintani Nafassi (percussions), Lucy Strauss (viola), Louisa Theart (flute), Mzwakhe Hlatshwayo (umtshingo), Visser Liebenberg (clarinet)

MusicDance021 Performances [Cape Town, 2018 & 2019]
@ Theatre Arts Admin Collective
[photos by Lindsey Appolis]