sonic response 

to Olivia Whetung’s Strata [June, 2020]
I interpreted Whetung’s beaded tapestry artwork, Strata, as a graphic score in a sight-specific performance. My interpretation formed grew a week of meditation and improvisation on Whetung’s artistic process, and in dialoc with the sonic landscape of the performance sight.

[filming: Aya Garcia]
Lucy Strauss conjures both familiar and unconventional sounds from the viola in response to a beaded score created by Anishinaabe artist Olivia Whetung. As one of the contributing artists in Soundings, Whetung has created Strata, a series of beaded works, one produced from each of the territories the exhibition has travelled. A cumulative work, each individual score is composed by threading different coloured beads from a mason jar in the order they are collected. The jar is filled through the participation of gallery visitors during the opening weeks of the exhibition.
– text excerpt from the project description

[photos: Rachel Topham Photography]
This project was part of the Sonic Responses series initiated by the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery in collaboration with the School of Music at the University of British Columbia. June, 2020.