Boiler Room Sessions [01.08.2020]
I performed in the Boiler Room Sessions, which feature live-streamed performances, curating different artists from all over the world on Zoom. Artists show live performance work being dance, music, performance art, and all in between. Hosted by Iris van Peppen and Laisvie Andrea Ochoa.
Click here to watch the duo with Tania Lea Vossgatter (dance)

MusicDance Virtual Platform [June 2020 – present]
The MusicDance Performance Residency Cape Town 2020 had to pause as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. The MusicDance Virtual Platform was created to enable South African and international artists to practice interdiciplinary collaboration through instant-composition in online spaces.
trio with Nicola Elliott (dance) & Silvia Bennett (dance)

duo with Sumalgy Nuro (dance)
trio with Manuela Tessi (dance) & Silvia Bennett (dance)
duo with Tania Lea Vossgatter (dance)

duo with Caley Garden (violin)